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Ultimate Timeline List


Summary: Pre-series Vlad before the Prototype Portal explosion


All I Ever Wanted, Main pre-Kindred Spirits

Summary: The main canon verse before what is left of Vlad's debilitating sanity goes down the drain in Kindred Spirits.

Masters of All Time

Summary: Jack is the one that obtains ghost powers, becoming a bitter, lonely, single ectohybrid. Meanwhile, Vlad and Maddie marry, with Vlad becoming the Dairy King of Wisconsin and Maddie being the doting, milkmaid wife who still studies the paranormal behind Vlad's back, despite him forbidding it.

The Ultimate Enemy



You Had This Coming, Post Kindred Spirits

Reality Tripped

Summary: The episode of “Reality Trip” ends with Freakshow winning and all of Danny’s friends, their families, his family, and even Danny himself dying by Freakshow’s hand. Vlad gets wind of this, doing some plotting to put an end to Freakshow once and for all, even if it means having to face his "failures" head on.


Summary: Vlad goes under surgery after the portal explosion, under some very sketchy, pseudo-science means by the Guys in White. Something goes terribly wrong, killing most of the scientists and agents in the process and leaving the victim afflicted with blindness and amnesia. Lost, alone, Vlad goes to recreate and create a new name and life, not suspecting the unknown memories that still follow him throughout his adult life.

A Different Point of View

Summary: Vlad is a fourteen year old afflicted with Ghost Powers.

Pre-series, 1981

Post Series, 2017

True Form, or Post Phantom Planet, or how I explain Vlad's incredible oocness from Season Three onward