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Vlad was exhausted. Beyond exhausted, the type you would have if you were working as someone who went back and forth in their double life, which was exactly what Vlad did. One hand a powerful, busy CEO that directed everything and everyone in his various companies to execute the actions he wanted them to make. He highly esteemed himself to be a fair and chief officer despite his questionable methods to gain economic power. And he expected everyone to be on top of their game, be the best in their abilities. Any weak link or untied loose end could prove to be disastrous for his companies and therefore, have him lose credibility as CEO.

As a powerful half ghost with 20 years of experience under his belt, it mirrored from his life as a human, just only with ghostly matters. He would find a way to get what he wanted, whenever he wanted, strike the deal with a ghost and distribute what he can give in order to receive.

However, it was times like this where Vlad just needed a break. A break from being CEO, a break from being an all powerful half ghost with the mind of a chess master.

It was today where he walked along a path to a small, local cafe, way out in the outskirts of Wisconsin. The line wasn't very long and it did not take long until Vlad was ready to order his mocha.

It was only when Vlad saw a figure a bit away that he stopped for a moment. His mouth agape, then closing it. He saw this figure before. He knew he did and yet…he couldn't quite place completely where. He was subtle in observing the other man's movements, not quite making his presence known yet.
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