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(OOC: I'm open to almost all forms of RP. Just state your character and give a setting on what and where your character is. I'll RP any of the following Vlads on this journal, just name one you prefer and I'll play it!)

Hime Here!

10/5/13 15:39 (UTC)
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Here's a list of my currently active Muses if you wanna thread with any of them:

Darkstar/Michael Morningstar: Ben 10
Five: Generator Rex
Biowulf: Generator Rex
Ibol: Generator Rex
Kaia: Motorcity

Re: Hime Here!

16/5/13 02:16 (UTC)
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Darkles it is! What did you have in mind?

Re: Hime Here!

16/5/13 12:51 (UTC)
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I like it! Let's thread it!

[Works for me :3]

19/5/13 15:06 (UTC)
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Michal Morningstar had looked better.

Of course, he'd looked a lot worse, too.

At least he had enough of his hair back to look presentable. It was a pale blonde that was a little limp, but His skin was still grey, but a gold scarf wrapped around his nose and lower face. A steady diet had improved a lot for him, though he still had a way to go before he was completely righted. Or until he could work out a glamour spell from the books he had been reading.

His eyes were still blue.

His body language had not changed at all. It was powerful, confident, and at rest, even though he was only seated outside a coffee shop flipping through a very old book.

The mouths in his palms alerted him to a familiar mana signature.

Blue eyes looked up from the text and scanned the area.
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Michael stiffened when the familiar mana signature paused in front of him. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck rose when he heard his name.

To his knowledge, no one here knew who he was...who he really was. It had been ages since anyone had used his given name.

He should be worried, think about making some kind of escape....

But that voice...


He knows it and he knows the name of the man it belongs to somehow. He feels warmth and relief at the other's presence for some reason. The mouths in his palms insist that the man is familiar.

Blue eyes soften.

"Good to see you."

Because for some reason, it is.


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